5 Geeky Dog Costume Theme Ideas!

As a pet owner, I love sharing things that I enjoy with my dog. My love for all things geekery is the top of my list for . I’ve noticed lately that a lot of the local pet events are involving a pet costume contest and people really go all out for these events. Some of the things that I’ve noticed that are consistent with winners of these contests.

1. Easily identifiable costumes

Can the audience identify with the costume and character that you dressing you pet up as? Not to deter you from dressing your pet up as the 4th incarnation of Doctor Who but, you might get passed over because the judge is not familiar with the character. You are much better off going with something that is very popular in the mainstream culture.

2. Sloppy costumes don’t win

You may have spent a week working on the costume for your pet but, if it’s a hot mess you might get passed over because it’s a mess.

3. Pet and Owner combo costumes

Pet and owner costumes tends to be a key factor in winning. Make your costume complementary to your pets costume. Is your dog’s costume going to be a really cool cerberus? Then tie in a Harry Potter theme a dress up as a Hogwarts student.

4. Does your pet even like wearing costumes?

Some dogs and cats are cool with it and can completely ignore it. Other dogs/cats hate, hate, hate wearing something as small as a harness. If your pet doesn’t like it, DON’T DO IT! One tip though, there are ways of making your pet happy to wear something like a harness through positive reinforcement training. I recommend googling it and reading up a bit on it.  Don’t torture your pet with wearing a costume when they’re miserable.

So, here are so of my favorite pet/owner costume ideas:
Star Wars:
Petco is an official seller of Star Wars products for your pets. You can get costumes that range from Bobba Fett , Darth Vader and Yoda. For the really fluffy dogs, I think creating your own Ewok costume is the way to go. If you’re a gal or guy, then you can easily put together a home made Jedi costume or dress up as either the icon Leia or Han Solo.

ewok dog

Buzzfeed has a gallery of dogs dressed up like Ewoks

Dog dressed as an AT-AT99885577-AT-AT-Pet-Costume-Pet-Costumes-000


The Bantha Riding Costume is hilarious (this would not be an obvious reference to non Star Wars fans)Bantha Dog Costume

Super Hero:
There aren’t too many super hero/companion animal teams that I’ve been able to find. The most easily identifiable pair is Superman and Krypto.krypto

I think the easiest way to recreate Krypto’s costume would be to buy a dog shirt and attach a homemade cape to it.

Super Dog

Harry Potter

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this, a cerberus costume for your dog wouldn’t be too terribly hard to make. You would need to find a stuffed animal that has a fairly close resemblance to your dog and make the costume using the heads/necks. If your dog already has a harness then you have something to secure the heads to. Dress up as your favorite Harry Potter character and  voila!


Star Trek

You can purchase a Spock costume off of Think Geek for your precious pooch. This would be a great opportunity for owner and dog to dress up together!

Star Trek

Disney – Bolt

If you have a white dog and don’t mind purchasing some pet friendly fur dye or hitting up your local Petsmart Pet Expressions boutique, you can get the Bolt’s iconic black bolt temporarily stenciled on your dog.  *I have never gotten anything like this done on my dog so, I have no idea what the downsides are to a service like this. When in doubt, research it!Bolt-690x431

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